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Long-term excessive friction in the perineum can also aggravate Prostatitis symptoms and make the patient feel more uncomfortable. During the treatment of Prostatitis disease, the patient must try to avoid rubbing the perineum. In addition to wearing loose underwear, it should also reduce cycling , Or riding a motorcycle for a long time. To prevent the appearance of Prostatitis disease, boyfriends should try to avoid holding back urine. Once they feel that the bladder is full and urinating, they should go to the toilet in time to "solve". If you are taking a long-distance bus, try to empty your urine before taking a ride, or I got off at the service station on the way to the toilet to urinate.

3. Holistic treatment principle(1) Drink plenty of water According to the clinical reports, fuyan pill can take away the symptoms about three to four months. With a required diet, the sufferers can have their diseases permanently cured and get pregnant after the treatment in a short time.Why TCM fuyan pill plays a role in tubal blockage with hydrosalpinx? 2. In addition to the waist and buttocks, the abdomen and perineum are also prone to fat accumulation. Sexual life is chaotic and the body is "injured"

prostatitis 2. Using various medicines won't work. Some patients try a certain medicine this week and replace it with others the next week, which actually won't help to solve the problem at all. Since many patients are prone to use antibiotics to deal with the prostatitis, the long-term use of various antibiotics can cause many problems and side effects on your body, resulting in the disease being worse. The current life pressure is relatively large, and the burden on men may be even greater. Some men will put a lot of energy into working for their families. If you leave your body in a state of fatigue for a long time, your body's resistance will decrease and you will be susceptible to the invasion of external bacteria. After suffering from Prostatitis inflammation, patients should pay more attention to rest, and exercise more to promote the recovery of inflammation.Some studies showed that the increase in serum C-reactive protein might increase the risk of BPH. Other researchers reported that the daily use of NSAIDs could reduce the risk of lower urinary tract symptoms, decreased urinary flow rate, increased prostate volume, and other events. Successful cases: (2) Do not hold back urine