psa and prostate cancer

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Richard, 27, has a 5-year history of Mycoplasma prostatitis and suffered from testicular pain, perineum bulge, and other discomfort symptoms for many years. We learned that he had received modern medicine treatment all the time. And he found Dr. Lee due to one of his close friends and started receiving TCM treatment. At first, he was afraid that it might be ineffective, and he also expressed his concern to us. Prostatitis is one of the common male diseases. If prostatitis is not treated in time, the chance of developing prostate cancer also On the flip side, many patients have attempted the tradition Chinese medicine, which seems to work well on bacterial prostatitis. Doctor point out that the traditional Chinese medicine therapy offers the opportunity to directly deal with the infected bladder with rare unwanted side effects. As an important and typical example of traditional medicine, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is widely applied around the world at present.(3) Targeted treatment The Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill are based on the principle of Meridian Tropism Theory of traditional Chinese medicine, which was developed by herbalist Lee Xiaoping with her experience of more than 30 years. It aims at helping the sufferers suffering from diseases of the genitourinary system to regain health, and it won the Chinese national patent in 2011. Compared with traditional Chinese medicine, it integrates treatment and nourishment, which is safe and effective, and harmless to the human body.Some men like to wear tight-fitting underwear. Although tight-fitting underwear can show the characteristics of men, if it is too tight, it will cause airtightness, which will cause bacteria to grow and cause prostatitis. Men should pay attention to comfort and looseness when buying internal clothes. Don't be too loose or too tight. The right size is very important.

Mens genitals tend to contain bacteria. If you dont pay attention to hygiene before and after sex, you can easily get inflammation and induce prostatitis. Perhaps most people habitually "look down" on inflammation, thinking that the inflammation is relatively mild and don't care about it, just ignore it without paying attention to clean it. But it is these seemingly insignificant inflammations that will eventually develop into more serious prostatitis. When teenagers find out that they have prostatitis, the symptoms are relatively obvious. 2. Using various medicines won't work. Some patients try a certain medicine this week and replace it with others the next week, which actually won't help to solve the problem at all. Since many patients are prone to use antibiotics to deal with the prostatitis, the long-term use of various antibiotics can cause many problems and side effects on your body, resulting in the disease being worse. 1. Natural with no side effects

Improper living habits can cause prostatitis. Therefore, we should try to avoid these bad habits in our lives. Now, let's take a look at the factors that induce the Prostatitis and how to prevent it. To prevent the appearance of Prostatitis disease, boyfriends should try to avoid holding back urine. Once they feel that the bladder is full and urinating, they should go to the toilet in time to "solve". If you are taking a long-distance bus, try to empty your urine before taking a ride, or I got off at the service station on the way to the toilet to urinate. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill adheres to the characteristics of the holistic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and it can treat not only the diseased area but also inhibit the further spread of inflammation. Besides, it can also cure the inflammation and infection spread in other parts, and its effect is working on the whole tissue system.Prostatitis Core tip: Prostatitis inflammation is one of the andrological diseases. People with Prostatitis inflammation often suffer from Prostatitis pain and penile itching. What are the influencing factors of prostatitis? Improper lifestyle habits can cause prostatitis.